Audubon Nature Institute Media Courtesy Ticket Policy

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The Public Relations courtesy ticket policy is designed for business purposes to give working journalists an opportunity to experience and cover Audubon Nature Institute attractions. All decisions regarding courtesy tickets are at the discretion of Audubon Public Relations. The following information is meant to serve as a guideline to help media determine if they may be eligible for consideration.

Please read the policy below carefully: 
Qualifying media may request two (2) tickets per Audubon attraction (Audubon Zoo, Audubon Aquarium, and/or Audubon Insectarium once every 12 months.
  • All requests must be submited through this form and received at least 2 weeks prior to the media visit. A copy of your organization’s letterhead and a business card must also be included. Due to volume and our support of conservation efforts, faxes are no longer accepted.
  • Employment will be verified on all requests to check for full-time status and position being news/editorial. Once verification has been made an email confirmation will be sent to the requester from Audubon Public Relations.
  • At the discretion of Audubon Nature Institute Public Relations, limited complimentary media passes may be provided to full-time editorial and news-gathering professionals who cover entertainment, business, travel, consumer, amusement, sports, news and online media associated with a news organization or established social media entity. All media affiliations must be verifiable as to editorial content and/or masthead. Qualifying positions include the following in these news-related categories:

Print Media: *Editors, News Reporters, News Photographers, Publishers, Managing/Assignment Editors

Broadcast Media: News Producers, News Directors, News/Sports/Weather Anchors and Reporters, Managing Assignment/Planning Editors, News Writers, Videographers

Social Media and Online Media: Bloggers, Freelance Writers, Editors affiliated with established news organizations or online publications

*Media in travel, lifestyle, entertainment, business, consumer, sports or related fields

  • In general, the only “director” position that qualifies for tickets is the News Director over a newsroom, not technical directors, floor directors, newscast directors, studio directors, etc.
  • Additional positions that do not qualify for Audubon Public Relations courtesy tickets include sales, graphic artists, promotions, programming, technical, public relations, clerical, engineering, management, production, staff assistants, station managers, general managers and disc jockeys.
  • Freelance journalists must provide copies of current articles (published in the past 6 months) with the requester’s byline and publication date. Topically, the content provided must have some relevancy to Audubon attractions. We will also accept a letter of assignment from the editor of an established/researchable publication with the promise of receiving tear sheets after the story has been published.
  • When complimentary media passes are picked up at the Membership window, the journalist will be asked to provide current government issued photo ID or passport and a business card and/or drivers’ license (i.e. magazine or freelancer requests). Tickets cannot be issued without proper credentials.
  • Tickets are issued to and can only be picked up by the requester.
  • Audubon Public Relations office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST) Monday - Friday.