New Orleans,
10:57 AM

Audubon Aquarium Names Penguin Chick

When Audubon Aquarium reopens next month after its major reimaginging, guests will see a new member in the Aquarium’s penguin colony.  

Titan is the newest penguin at Audubon Aquarium. He hatched February 10th, and has been hatched and hand raised by Audubon team members. Raising a penguin chick is hard work and requires almost around-the-clock feedings. He is adjusting well and is now eating whole fish like the rest of penguin colony. His keepers say he prefers herring but will also dine on capelin when offered. He is growing fast and is already as big as Ocio, his father.

Titan is the third chick from penguin parents Ocio and Hubig. Their other chicks are Zion, who recently relocated to another colony the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and Moon who remains in the Audubon colony. Keepers suggested Titan’s name because of the over 154 celestial bodies in our solar system, Titan, a moon of Saturn, is the only place besides Earth known to have liquids in the form of rivers, lakes and seas on its surface.

“African penguins like Titan are endangered and part of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Species Survival Plan,” said Bill Robles, Audubon Aquarium curator of birds. “As part of the plan to help save this species from extinction, we work with other accredited zoos and aquariums to follow strict breeding guidelines to ensure valuable genetics are passed on to our penguin chicks and protect the birds in our care.”

Next step for Titan is a rite of passage for all youngsters, learning to swim. After he masters his swimming lessons, he will join the rest of the birds in the colony. When the Aquarium opens on June 8, guests can spot Titan among the other penguins because he has charcoal gray feathers. He will get his signature black and white feathers early next year.