New Orleans, LA,
17:00 PM

Audubon Commission to Host Community Meeting On Upcoming Audubon Park Projects

Tuesday, May 10 meeting at 6:30 p.m. in Audubon Tea Room

On Tuesday, May 10, the Audubon Commission will host the first in a series of community meetings to provide the public an opportunity to comment on upcoming Audubon Park projects.

The community meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Audubon Tea Room, 6500 Magazine St.

Projects in the planning stages scheduled for discussion include Audubon Park shelter house upgrades, resurfacing of the jogging path that rings the park, renovating park playgrounds and a plan by the city to resurface and repair Magazine Street. Several recently completed Audubon Park projects also will be reviewed.

To comment on any of the Audubon Park projects scheduled for discussion, click here and proceed to the Calendar & Meeting Minutes section.

Future Audubon community meetings will be scheduled to discuss park projects at other Audubon facilities throughout the city.

Subsequent sessions will be held downtown to discuss upcoming park projects at Woldenberg Riverfront Park; in eastern New Orleans, the site of Audubon Louisiana Nature Center set to open this year; and on the West Bank, where a partnership with San Diego Zoo Global is preparing to launch the Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife, an ambitious project designed to replenish animal populations facing threats to their numbers.

A schedule for the future community meetings will be announced soon.

Upcoming and Conceptual Audubon Park Projects

  • ​Jogging path resurfacing, regrading and re-striping (2016)
  • Bench and bike rack replacement (2016)
  • Magazine Street renovation (2017)
  • Riverview restroom renovations, paving and bike lane upgrades as part of a CEA with the City of New Orleans (2017)
  • St. Charles Avenue playground replacement and landscaping (2017)
  • Walnut Street shelter roof replacement, restroom upgrade and landscaping (2017)
  • Audubon Park master plan completion (2017)
  • Magazine Street Shelter No. 13 security/information office, restroom renovation (2018)
  • Hurst Bridge renovation (2018)

Recently Completed Audubon Park Projects

  • Exposition entry gate renovation
  • Shelter No. 10 improvements
  • Emergency phones with solar backup
  • Sidewalk replacement at Walnut Street and St. Charles Avenue
  • St. Charles Avenue balustrade shoring and repair
  • Bench repainting
  • Park banners
  • Light pole straightening, repainting and repair
  • Exercise station equipment replacement and resurfacing
  • Magazine Street Shelter No.13 stabilization
  • Tree planting