New Orleans,
20:01 PM

Audubon Zoo Mourns Loss of Popular Sea Lion

It is with great sadness that Audubon Zoo announces the death of Huey, one of the Zoo’s California sea lions. Huey died of complications of acute renal failure despite heroic efforts by Audubon's hospital and sea lion teams and a generous donation of time, equipment and expertise from MedVet of New Orleans.

Huey came to Audubon when he was two years old after he was found stranded off the coast of California and rehabilitated at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. He arrived in New Orleans with Roux, a female sea lion. The two were often seen swimming and playing together.   

Huey was a beloved ambassador at Audubon Zoo and was the loudest of the Zoo’s sea lions. He will be missed by his care team and guests who enjoyed seeing him lounging around in his crab pool or sleeping in ice that he was given to play with. 

California sea lions live 15-20 years in the wild, and average 25-30 years in human care.  Huey was ten  years old.