New Orleans,
13:13 PM

Audubon Zoo Welcomes Bobcat Kittens

Two very active bobcat kittens have moved into their new home in the Louisiana Swamp exhibit at Audubon Zoo. The youngsters came to Audubon earlier this month after they were found as orphans. 

The kittens are nearly a year old and full of energy and curiosity for their new surroundings. Bobcats are typically found in swamps, hardwood forests and in almost every state. They are excellent predators and jump and climb with great skill. These two young males were raised by Wildlife Care of Southern California rehabilitation center before finding their permanent home at Audubon Zoo. 

Although close in age, the kittens are not brothers. Once they arrived at Audubon, they were given names fitting their new Louisiana home: Creole, named after the Louisiana culture and lifestyle, and Chinchuba, which means “alligator” in the Choctaw language. 

Audubon Zoo’s Louisiana Swamp Exhibit marks its 40th anniversary this year and bobcats have been some of the most popular animals in that area of the Zoo. For many years guests enjoyed visiting bobcat Choctaw, who died earlier this year at age 20, and Redbone who was 18 years old when she died last fall. In the wild, bobcats typically live just three to four years, but in human care can live much longer lives. 

Creole and Chinchuba are already settled in their new home. Guests can see them spending time together playing, climbing, leaping and actively exploring their exhibit. 

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