New Orleans,
15:58 PM

Plan Ahead for Audubon Park Gatherings

Spending the day outside with friends and family is an Easter tradition for many in New Orleans and Audubon Nature Institute is asking people to plan ahead if their holiday plans include large gatherings in Audubon Park and Riverview Park.

Audubon requires permits for groups of 25 people or more.  The permits are available in advance by visiting or by calling 504-212-5420.  Audubon team members will be on site for those wishing to purchase a permit on-site Easter Sunday.

“Easter is typically our busiest weekend in both Audubon Park and on the Fly,” said Daine Appleberry, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Audubon Zoo and Park. “We want everyone to have an enjoyable time in our parks, the permits allow us to better serve our guests and keep the parks safe.”

Overcrowding in the park, especially on the Fly, can present safety concerns if emergency personnel cannot access the area.