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Celebrate National Seafood Month with Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon ’s G.U.L.F. program is asking you to be a #SustainableSeafoodie by making sure all the seafood you eat over the next 31 days is local and sustainable.

October is National Seafood Month, and Audubon Nature Institute’s G.U.L.F. program is asking the public to be a #SustainableSeafoodie by making sure all the seafood you eat over the next 31 days is local and sustainable.

"G.U.L.F. celebrates the men and women of our local fishing industry 24/7, 365, but National Seafood Month allows us to bring an even greater spotlight to how important it is to support local, sustainable seafood," said John Fallon, G.U.L.F.'s Assistant Director of Outreach & Engagement. "This year, we are ramping up our message with a new and improved mobile app, increased outreach efforts from our restaurant partners, and some great new community partners."

G.U.L.F. has partnered with Abita and Dirty Coast to help amplify their efforts to build a community that is knowledgeable and invested in Gulf seafood through a regional marketing campaign designed to educate consumers about the Gulf Coast seafood industry and its positive impact on the region.

“Abita brews beer for the way we love to live here in Louisiana, and there’s no bigger influence on life in the state than the culinary and seafood industry," said David Blossman, Abita’s President. "We are proud to partner with the Audubon Nature Institute’s G.U.L.F. initiative to help drive sustainability awareness and promote the state’s seafood industry. There’s nothing more Louisiana than a cold Abita and some of the area’s delicious seafood, so we encourage everyone to get out this month and eat local!”

G.U.L.F. has three easy ways to get you started:

Dirty Coast designed a special t-shirt supporting the initiative with the tagline, "Local as Shuck!"  Click here to purchase.



Established in 2012, G.U.L.F. is the sustainable seafood program under Audubon Nature Institute. G.U.L.F. works with the seafood supply chain, from harvesters to retailers, fishery management agencies, and consumers to ensure that fisheries in our region thrive for the benefit of future generations.

Through education and outreach, restaurant engagement, fishery improvement projects, and third-party assessment and certification, G.U.L.F. pledges to promote sustainable practices, foster a community invested in Gulf fisheries, and create a more stable and confident fishing industry. Visit for more information.

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