New Orleans,
11:15 AM

Audubon Aquarium Welcomes New Penguin Chick

There’s a brand-new bundle of joy in the penguin colony at Audubon Aquarium. Proud penguin parents Ritz and Saltine have hatched their first chick. The chick is currently in the nest with its parents, they are taking turns tending to the little one and keeping it warm. 

African penguins like this chick are among the world’s most endangered and every chick that hatches is an extremely important part of efforts to save the penguin population. The animal care team at the Aquarium is closely monitoring the chick’s growth and will step in when it is about three weeks old to assist the parents in raising it. 

The sex of the chick won’t be known until a test of its shell is conducted by an outside laboratory. Then it will be named.