New Orleans,
12:41 PM

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Available at Audubon Zoo

Audubon Nature Institute hosted  Entergy New Orleans and City of New Orleans leaders for the unveiling of the newest addition to its Uptown property: four free electric vehicle charging stations. Each charging station can accommodate up to two vehicles at a time.

“Having electric vehicle chargers at the Zoo and the Fly is another step in becoming sustainable and making positive changes to help the environment,” said Ron Forman, Audubon Nature Institute President and CEO. “These chargers align with our mission to engage and encourage people to take actions in their lives that lead to large improvements for our world. We are honored to host EV chargers here, and proud to partner with Entergy New Orleans and the City of New Orleans to provide access to these chargers in our community.”

The Audubon installations are part of a broader EV charging station program run by Entergy New Orleans in partnership with the City of New Orleans to install 30 charging stations at 25 locations across the city.

"The charging stations at the Audubon Zoo and Fly, which are open to the public and free to use, are another step in our efforts to provide equitable access to electric charging stations throughout all our communities," said Deanna Rodriguez, President and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. "Our partnership with the City of New Orleans and the City Council is important in making sure we have the infrastructure in place to make that happen."

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, EVs are expected to decrease annual greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle by approximately 64 percent. As New Orleans transitions to cleaner energy resources, there will be additional emissions reductions realized as well.

The United States Congress is also taking steps to reduce the cost to purchase EVs. On Aug. 16, 2022, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes tax credits for qualifying electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that are assembled in the United States. This expanded tax credit will begin in 2023 and will be available up to $7,500 for new vehicles and $4,000 for used EVs.

More information about EV chargers and the EV charging program with Entergy New Orleans can be found at Transportation - Electric Vehicles - City of New Orleans (

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