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Escape Extinction: Sharks, Coming to Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

Welcome to S.S. Audubon! Can You Save Sharks from Extinction?

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas announces an exciting addition coming in October 2018. “Escape Extinction: Sharks” is a new family friendly interactive experience presented by Escape My Room. The mission is to save sharks from going extinct.

A group of up to 12 will be greeted by staff briefed on the mission and helped throughout the experience. Everyone will complete the mission but will be challenged along the way and receive a rank based on performance. Guests are encouraged to continue to visit and see if they can receive a higher rank each time.

“We’re super excited about bringing Escape Extinction: Sharks to the community. The attraction is somewhat similar to an escape room, but much more cinematic and family friendly,” says Andrew Preble, Founder of Escape My Room.

“Working with Audubon to develop this attraction has been a really great experience. The whole mission is to make guests aware of declining shark populations, and to help them realize what sharks are doing for us and what we can do to help sharks,” says Preble.

The journey begins at the dock of the sleepy fishing community of Port de la Porte as guests board the SS Audubon, an advanced research vessel operated by H.A.R.T. (Human Animal Rescue Team). Guided by a captain, guests will experience different interactive areas filled with games and puzzles. Guests will need to save the sharks, and board the escape pod to complete the mission. As the pod returns, guests will learn how to save sharks in their everyday lives. The mission will take about an hour, but guests can leave at any time through specially marked exit doors.

The mission is designed to be challenging and fun for children and adults alike. Each individual or group may have a different experience based on collective skill level. Children under twelve require adult supervision. The experience is not recommended for children five and under. The experience can accommodate a group of 12 every 15 minutes. For groups larger than 12, it is recommended to split into multiple groups.

“As an educator, this is important to me. This is a new take on an escape room and it lets families come inside, learn about sharks, play puzzles and games. I can’t think of a better way to learn about shark conservation,” says Brenda Walkenhorst, Director of Education Projects at Audubon Nature Institute.

Escape Extinction is located in the lobby of Entergy Giant Screen Theater. Guests do not need to purchase a ticket to the Aquarium to participate.

Tickets can be purchased online or at any Audubon Nature Institute ticketing booth. Non-members two and up $23.95, members two and up $19.95. Combination Aquarium and Escape Extinction tickets are available, adult $49.95, children $41.95 and seniors $44.95.

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